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Welcome to Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital

Getting you back to better.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services in Florence, Kentucky

At Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital, we’re dedicated to helping people through recovery from serious injuries, illnesses, surgeries, and debilitating medical conditions. We take a lot of pride in what we do, and we consider it a privilege to care for members of our community in a meaningful way through our comprehensive rehabilitation services.

Our top priority is the satisfaction and success of our patients. Our team members take time to get to know patients and their family members on a personal level, allowing us to develop a custom treatment program for each individual based on their specific needs and goals. We empower those we serve to be actively involved in their treatment, exceed their rehabilitation goals, and get back to their best.


Our services help patients get back to their best.


Your patient is in good hands in our rehabilitation hospital.


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Why Choose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital?

We encourage you to spend time researching your options for rehabilitation.

Choosing a healthcare provider is not a decision to take lightly, and we want our patients to feel confident that they are receiving excellent care as they work toward recovery.

Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital has been accredited by The Joint Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). We are accredited by CARF for the following services and specialty programs: Inpatient Rehabilitation (Adults), Brain Injury Specialty Program (Adults), Stroke Specialty Program (Adults), and Amputation Specialty Program (Adults). Our accreditation demonstrates our commitment to high standards of performance, quality, and patient safety. Our dedicated nurses, physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, case managers, and support staff are all committed to maintaining these high standards.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our hospital or taking a tour.

We would be happy to meet with you and learn more about your needs.

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Patient Success Stories

Scott Robbins

Scott Robbins just wanted to be independent again. He used to be able to do everything on his own, but increasing back pain made even everyday tasks challenging. Scott opted for back surgery, which he underwent at University Hospital. Following the procedure, Scott needed post-operative rehabilitation and chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for his recovery.

Lanny Burch

Lanny Burch knows a thing or two about the value of Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital's therapy services. Lanny sustained a stroke a couple of years ago and chose Gateway for his post-stroke rehab. He experienced left-sided weakness in his arm and leg. Following his time at Gateway, Lanny returned home and spent the last two years independent and active in the community.

Ritchie Cunningham

One part of Ritchie's work routine involved driving a boom truck between railroad stations in New York. While working under a bridge overpass, Ritchie was involved in an accident and sustained significant injuries, including multiple fractures and a spinal cord injury. He experienced immediate back pain and loss of function in his extremities.

Belinda Hensley

Belinda Hensley had been sick for a few days when, suddenly, things escalated quickly. Belinda began experiencing the symptoms of a stroke, including facial drooping and left-sided weakness. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors diagnosed Belinda with a stroke on the right side of her brain.

Suzanna Toll

There's no denying that Suzanna Toll is a tough cookie. She's lived an active, independent life despite having three different back surgeries. Most recently, Susana underwent a lumbar laminectomy. Unfortunately, Suzanna had experienced a fall at home, causing an annular ligament tear in her lumbar spine. The pain caused by the tear was excruciating.

Glenna Chamblin

Glenna Chamblin is one of those individuals who are full of energy and have a zest for living. Always active and independent, Glenna enjoyed driving a bus for her grandchildren's school and teaching physical education at the YMCA.

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Our Recent Reviews


As a person who has been in the healthcare field for over 15 years, I have seen a lot. Gateway’s team of therapists and nursing staff have always been the best in the tri-state area.

5-star Google Review


Nothing compares to the staff. They are so encouraging they make you feel you can do anything. I’m grateful I was able to be here. It’s been the best place I’ve ever been. If you or a family member needs rehab, Gateway is the best place to go!

5-star Google Review


By far the best staff and caring therapists. They are very kind and considerate with every patient. Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital is ranked #1 in my book. No complaints!

5-star Google Review


Gateway was outstanding to my wife. To a person, the nurses were very caring and helpful and patient. The PT, OT, and ST staff were all engaged and did a wonderful job working with her. I wouldn’t hesitate to recomend this place.

5-star Google Review