Austin Rump

Austin Rump came to Gateway after a severe car accident. One of his injuries included a traumatic brain injury, which affected his mental status, cognitive deficits, and speech.

Joe Matthews

During a road trip returning home, Joe Matthews blacked out at the wheel after contracting COVID-19 and pneumonia. The accident nearly took his life and left him with a crushed left arm.

Dennis Ty

Living completely independent, Dennis Ty kept busy working and staying involved in his community. But his life was put on hold after suffering a severe myocardial infarction and stroke. Because of the severity of his illness, he was given just a 12% chance to survive.

Sharon Vaske

Sharon Vaske was taken to the emergency room after her cold-like symptoms worsened. There she was diagnosed with COVID-19 and later suffered a stroke.

Terrence Fitzpatrick

Terrence Fitzpatrick was involved in a car accident that left him with severe back pain. After his second major spinal surgery, the Gateway staff helped him return to an independent lifestyle.

Jerry Adkins

Walking home one day, Jerry Adkins slipped on a patch of ice and fell, smacking his head on the ground. As a result, Jerry suffered bleeding in his brain.

Annette Ketron chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for stroke rehab

Annette Ketron

“I know I made the best choice in choosing Gateway,” she stated. “I would not be where I am today without them.”

Jeff Chanley

Donnita Stevens

Donnita Stevens has lived a “normal, everyday life” since recovering from Guillan-Barre syndrome (GBS) ten years ago. Then one day her fingers and feet began to feel numb. The symptoms were familiar — they were the same that she had ten years prior. Donnita knew she needed to get to the hospital.

Frances Elam

One major post-surgery complication was the stroke that Fran suffered. The stroke caused her difficulty with speaking and finding the right words. Being unable to express herself to her husband and caregivers was incredibly difficult for Fran. It left her feeling alone and afraid.