Annette Ketron chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for stroke rehab

Annette Ketron

Before suffering a stroke, Annette Ketron lived an independent life, working and driving with no issues. To regain her prior level of function, Annette admitted to Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital.

During Annette’s first therapy session at Gateway, she could only take a few steps with maximum assistance from the therapy team. “I needed assistance with everything, and couldn’t do anything for myself,” she said.

Over the course of her stay, Annette made great improvements. She credits her physical therapist, Heather, and her occupational therapist, Merrideth, for her success. Annette described them as her biggest cheerleaders, celebrating each of her successes. “They don’t let you give up!”

Dr. Mook, the medical director at Gateway, also made an impact on Annette. “Dr. Mook was very friendly and empowers you.”

“The entire staff was great!”

After three weeks, Annette discharged home with her daughter. She continues to work with home health toward her goal of living alone again.

Before discharging from Gateway, Annette reflected on the days before she arrived. In the acute care hospital, she was given a list of facilities to choose from for the next phase of her recovery. “I know I made the best choice in choosing Gateway,” she stated. “I would not be where I am today without them.”