Dennis Ty

Living completely independent, Dennis Ty kept busy working and staying involved in his community. But his life was put on hold after suffering a severe myocardial infarction and stroke. Because of the severity of his illness, he was given just a 12% chance to survive.

On the brink of death, Dennis chose to come to Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital to receive comprehensive medical rehabilitation. When he was first admitted he couldn’t move his legs. With a desire to get back to his independent lifestyle, Dennis maintained his motivation. His therapists supported him while he fought for his recovery.

“Laura Pruitt, Laura Sefton, Denise Qualls, and all my therapists helped me stay motivated and were key components to my recovery.”

Dennis worked hard to achieve his recovery milestones. During one of her visits, his mother watched with tears in her eyes as he walked for the first time after his stroke. He continues to work on his recovery and has set a goal to participate in the Heart Mini Walk held annually in Cincinnati.