Fran Elam

Chest pain brought Frances Elam to her local hospital. After a couple of days, she underwent surgery to open up a blockage in her heart. Unfortunately, things did not go smoothly for Fran. She seemed to encounter one complication after another following the surgery. Fran didn’t think she would make it out.

One major post-surgery complication was the stroke that Fran suffered. The stroke caused her difficulty with speaking and finding the right words. Being unable to express herself to her husband and caregivers was incredibly difficult for Fran. It left her feeling alone and afraid. This was all compounded when Fran needed another surgery, this time on her bowel, resulting in a colostomy.

After 62 days in the hospital, Fran was finally ready for rehab. Her husband, Bob, chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for her inpatient rehab stay. He had heard great things in the community about the excellent care and therapy services provided at Gateway. Bob was determined to make sure his wife received the best care possible. Another important factor in his decision was that Gateway offers all private rooms. Bob intended to be by Fran’s side each and every day to support and motivate her. “I could not have gotten through this without Bob,” Fran said. “He is my rock.”

When she first arrived at Gateway, Fran could only walk a few steps with help and she struggles greatly with her speech. Every single word seemed to take so much effort. For twelve days, Fran participated in intensive physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Then, Fran finally returned home.

“I couldn’t have come this far without the help of the wonderful nurses and therapists at Gateway, and of course, Bob,” Fran stated. She then shared her advice for others in a similar situation. “Have faith in God and never give up. If I can do this, so can you!”