Glenna Chamblin

Glenna Chamblin is one of those individuals who are full of energy and have a zest for living. Always active and independent, Glenna enjoyed driving a bus for her grandchildren’s school and teaching physical education at the YMCA.

But when Glenna woke one morning with numbness in her left leg, from her knee to her foot, everything changed. Initially, Glenna thought she simply slept funny. But when her symptoms didn’t improve, she sought medical attention. Upon admission to Mercy West Hospital in Cincinnati, Glenna was diagnosed with a stroke. Her symptoms progressed, and Glenna soon couldn’t move her left leg at all.

At the hospital, Glenna’s therapists recommended an inpatient rehabilitation stay for her continued recovery from her stroke. So her husband got to work on determining the best place for stroke rehabilitation. “He loves research and is very thorough,” Glenna said. So when he decided Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital was the best place for inpatient rehab, based on positive reviews and a great community reputation, Glenna felt confident she would be in good hands.

Glenna arrived at Gateway unable to move her left hip and had a foot drop. But she also came motivated and ready to work hard. Glenna’s therapists help her utilize an AFO, a special brace to keep her foot up and help her walk safer. “My therapists were so positive, and that really motivated me to work hard!” She gives special credit to Molly and Ashley for pushing her and for their frequent reminders that “my situation was temporary, and if I continued to work hard, I would overcome this!”

As a result of this collaborative effort with her physical therapist and occupational therapist, Glenna made steady and significant gains in her recovery. She quickly progressed to using a Dictus band instead of an AFO as her ankle gained strength. Glenna expressed an appreciation for the three hours of therapy each day, stating, “the intensive rehab is what allowed me to recover!”

Having stayed about three weeks at Gateway, Glenna discharged with nothing but positive things to say. “I have no complaints! The facility is clean, and the staff is personable. All the nurses and aides were great, especially the night nurses. Heather, on night shift, helped me a lot, and Dr. Mittal was wonderful!”

Glenna has returned home and is doing well. She has some ongoing numbness in her left foot and slight ankle weakness, but they continue to improve daily. Glenna continues her recovery through outpatient therapy at Gateway, working with Sorsha and Lauren, and repeatedly sings their praises! In her physical therapy sessions, Glenna and her therapists utilize e-stim, along with the Myocycle, to continue her recovery and improve her strength.

“I enjoy using the Myocycle and love the e-stim,” Glenna said, adding that she’s a testament to their benefits. Glenna now requires only a cane for mobility, which enabled her to join her family on a recent trip to West Virginia. Her goal is to eventually walk without a cane, which is within reach, thanks to Glenna’s hard work! She looks forward to returning to doing “normal” things again and spending time with her family.