Greg Traylor

Greg Traylor and his son were hanging Christmas lights on their house together, enjoying what should have been a special father-son experience. Instead, that day wound up being memorable for unfortunate reasons when Greg fell from the roof. He sustained multiple injuries in the fall, the most significant being a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Admitted to the University of Kentucky Medical Center, Greg underwent treatment from the neurosurgery and trauma teams. He then transferred to Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for intensive therapy.

“I don’t remember anything until I got to Gateway,” Greg reports.

When he arrived at Gateway, Greg needed assistance with mobility due to right-sided weakness caused by the traumatic brain injury. However, his most significant deficits were related to his cognition, memory, and speech. Greg made great strides during his inpatient stay at Gateway. He discharged home to his family under the supervision of his wife.

The next phase of Greg’s recovery involved outpatient therapy. And though he lives 45 minutes away, Greg decided to continue his outpatient recovery at Gateway because of the excellent care her received as an inpatient.

“I knew I wanted to stay [at Gateway] or outpatient,” Greg said. “Gateway already knew my story and what I needed. Gateway is a personal place. Everyone made me feel special and cared about what I had going on with my life.”

Having made a full physical recovery, Greg has completed his work with physical therapy. Now, he continues to work with speech therapy twice a week. Greg is happy to report he is easing his way back to work while speech therapy assists him with numbers, math, and communicating with his customers.