Jeff Chanley

Jeff Chanley was a very active man before his knee problems. A drummer, Jeff enjoyed music, as well as sports, fishing, and hiking in Montana along the Madison River. After he began to experience pain in his knee that limited him from his hobbies, Jeff had a knee replacement done. But he developed a serious infection that kept him in the hospital for a few days.

Throughout his journey, Jeff stayed at a few different facilities for medical monitoring and rehab on his leg. He arrived at Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital after a hospital stay at the University of Cincinnati and says Gateway is “by far the best physical rehab facility” he had ever been to.

Jeff attributes his success to the structure and program at Gateway. He said he chose Gateway because of the high level of care the hospital provides. “Dr. Mook was excellent,” Jeff said of Gateway’s medical director. Dr. Mook saw Jeff every day, monitoring his medical needs closely, and collaborating with an interdisciplinary team to ensure a great outcome. “Dr. Mook provided a different perspective and I really appreciated that.”

Others that Jeff recognized making an impact included Jenny, the wound care nurse, who is “a truly caring and patient individual who helped me heal” and his therapists, Jenni (OT) and Taylor (PT), who “were very motivating and a pleasure to work with.” Jenni and Taylor helped Jeff set goals and ensure he was coached to meet them. Jeff remembers multiple nurses checking in on him even if they were not assigned to him. “That was a key component in my recovery, when you don’t have family around, to have people who care and believe in you.”

Jeff was very motivated to get back to better so he could resume his hobby of drumming and be functional for the water sports, fishing, and hiking activities he loves. Jeff defines success as “meeting your goals” — which he achieved at Gateway!