Jerry Adkins

Walking home one day, Jerry Adkins slipped on a patch of ice and fell, smacking his head on the ground. As a result, Jerry suffered bleeding in his brain.

Hospitalized for his traumatic brain injury, Jerry spent five weeks in the hospital, mostly in the ICU. Initially, he required a ventilator to breathe and a feeding tube for nutrition. As a result of the brain injury, Jerry experienced severe confusion and difficulty with memory, speech, and problem-solving. The lengthy hospitalization left Jerry with significant weakness. A rehabilitation stay was in order.

Jerry and his family chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for his recovery. For eleven days, he worked hard with the physical, occupational, and speech therapists at Gateway. Jerry can now feed himself, walk, and take a shower without anyone’s help. His speech has improved, as well. “Gateway helped me get back to feeling normal again,” Jerry said. “I would recommend Gateway to anyone who needs rehab.”

As he prepared to discharge home with his family, Jerry thought about what his future holds. “I can’t wait to go home and see my dogs and work in the yard,” Jerry shared. “I also want to build a gym in my basement so I can keep getting stronger.”