John Mann

John Mann is a survivor. Not only has he beaten a stroke and cancer, but he also defeated COVID-19. The staff at Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital have taken to calling him “Super Mann.” It’s a moniker that’s more than fitting for John.

After a lengthy and complicated hospitalization, Super Mann needed rehabilitation. The combination of COVID-19, pneumonia, and a stroke had taken its toll on him. He chose Gateway for his rehabilitation and is glad he did.

“The therapists at Gateway took their time with me, and for this I am grateful,” John shared. As a result of the stroke, he suffered right-sided weakness, in addition to being debilitated from the virus. This made for a challenging recovery.

But Super Mann wouldn’t be kept down.

John put in hard work with the physical and occupational therapists at Gateway to regain his function. Though Super Mann isn’t ready to leap buildings in a single bound, his abilities are returning. With the help of a walker, John can walk 50 feet. “I’m just trying to beat the clock,” he said.

After about three weeks, John progressed enough to return home with the support of his daughter. He inspired the staff and provided a sign of hope for the entire community. So, when Super Mann’s discharge day arrived, he was given a spectacular superhero farewell.

Super Mann’s advice for others in a similar position? “Stay calm and do what they tell you. Everything will work out.”

Thank you, Super Mann, for showing us we can get through this crisis with the strength and support of one another.