Ken Jensen

A career in construction made Ken Jensen a very active man. One of his most recent projects included heading up the contracting for his new home build. One day, Ken was on a ladder, working on the second floor of a partially-framed home when he fell. He landed 15 feet below on a firm plywood surface. He laid there until several hours later when his wife came to check on him.

Ken suffered many fractures and a traumatic brain injury in the fall. He also experienced significant bleeding in his brain. A helicopter airlifted Ken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. For a few days after the accident, Ken couldn’t identify his wife or any close family members.

After several days at UC Hospital, Ken was ready for rehabilitation. He and his wife heard great things about the CARF accredited brain injury program at Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital. They decided Gateway offered Ken the best possible outcome in his recovery. Ken and his wife were grateful for Jon, the clinical liaison that met with them. With Jon’s help, they made a smooth transition from UC to Gateway.

At Gateway, Ken’s interdisciplinary care team developed his individualized plan of care. This plan was developed after meeting with Ken and his wife, designed to tailor his stay and rehab plan specific to his needs and goals.

Ken remembers waking up at Gateway and working with the “wonderful staff” who cared for him. Ken made a point to mention Jarret (physical therapy), describing him as “totally amazing.” He recalled Jarret showing a lot of compassion and pushing him to go further in therapy each day. Ken also shared excellent things about Monica (nursing). “She helped me with so much each time she walked by my room,” he noted. He also pointed out Liz and the entire speech therapy team. Each day they practiced mental exercises with him. “The speech therapy sessions were extremely influential in my recovery,” he said.

Ken noted several influences in his recovery. First, his faith in God. Then, the passionate staff at Gateway, in whom he noticed an immediate, dedicated interest in his success. Ken is doing well and looks forward to getting to know his friends and family again, being a home builder, a husband, and a resident of Kentucky!