Lanny Burch

Lanny Burch knows a thing or two about the value of Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital’s therapy services. Lanny sustained a stroke a couple of years ago and chose Gateway for his post-stroke rehab. He experienced left-sided weakness in his arm and leg. Following his time at Gateway, Lanny returned home and spent the last two years independent and active in the community.

Recently, Lanny’s medications were changed, and he noticed a decline at home. He began to need more help with his activities of daily living (ADLs), had a hard time walking, and found his weakness returned on his left side. The symptoms culminated with a seizure he had while at home. Lanny knew he needed help regaining his independence and admitted directly to Gateway from home to begin a new rehab journey.

Lanny put in the hard work at Gateway and returned home refreshed and restored. He can walk further distanced and has regained his independence with ADLs. “We think this is it, that he is back to his old self,” said Lanny’s wife, Mary.

Lanny and Mary would like to thank all the Gateway staff, adding they would “highly recommend Gateway to everyone!” They particularly wished to recognize Carol (nursing) and Caleb (physical therapy). Lastly, Lanny and Mary offered one piece of advice: “working hard pays off!”