Larry Wood

Independence Day has a whole new meaning for Larry Wood. The full-time heavy equipment operator was enjoying a day of recreation on July 4th when an ATV accident completely changed his world. In the accident, Larry sustained a brain injury. An ambulance transported him to IU Bloomington Hospital, where Larry experience complications, including a stroke and an infection.

Facing an extended hospitalization, Larry transferred to Select Specialty Cincinnati North. However, once he began making strides in his recovery, the care team at Select recommended that Larry transfer to an acute rehabilitation hospital. With input from his family, Larry chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for intensive rehab. They believed that Gateway offered Larry the best chance to recover and return home. They wanted a place that specialized in caring for patients like Larry, and that’s what Gateway offered. Additionally, Gateway’s location near his Cincinnati home provided convenience to his family.

At Gateway, Larry received intensive speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, with a physical medicine & rehabilitation doctor overseeing his care each day. When he arrived, Larry struggled both physically and cognitively. That didn’t surprise Larry or his family, though, as doctors had told them it could be a year before Larry would function normally again. But the team at Gateway worked hard with Larry on walking, memory, holding conversations, and eating.

Soon, a new “Independence Day” had arrived for Larry. Upon completion of his stay at Gateway, Larry returned home. He now walks independently, can talk, and hold regular conversations — just a few months after his injury. Larry credits the “wonderful staff” at Gateway, along with his family and kids, as being his most significant sources of motivation during his recovery. Larry also drew on his desire to return to work.

Recalling his time at Gateway, Larry noted a nurse, Tara, as “a shining star.” Tara would hold Larry’s hand while he received injections to help his muscle tone. Knowing Larry loved food from Skyline, the nurses even bought him lunch and dinner one day.

Larry continues working on his recovery with the outpatient therapy team at Gateway. He expressed gratitude for the care he received during his inpatient stay, stating, “it has changed my life for the better.”