Matthew Morris

Matthew Morris was living his normal daily life when he suddenly contracted COVID-19. At 36 years old, he never imagined how much his life was about to change. As time went on, Matthew’s symptoms began to worsen. After suffering life-threatening complications, he went to the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

While in the ICU for over three weeks, Matthew developed severe weakness in his arms and legs. The weakness, caused by a critical illness myopathy, made it difficult for him to walk or complete his daily activities. After five long weeks with complications, he stabilized and was ready to start his next phase of care at Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital.

Matthew spent his first two weeks at Gateway working through inpatient physical and occupational therapy. He stated, “All of my therapists were great! Gateway has a great therapy department.” Matthew saw great progress from the intensive rehabilitation program.

Because of his hard work and dedication, Matthew is home with his family again. He can now maneuver around his house independently and can walk long distances using a walker. He continues his recovery with the outpatient therapy department a few times a week. His goal is to get stronger so he can get back to his normal life!