Patricia Showalter

Patricia Showalter had become very unsteady on her left side, causing her to struggle to walk. Patricia went to Mercy Jewish Hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with a brain tumor known as meningioma. After undergoing surgery to remove her tumor, Patricia struggled to regain her function.

Patricia needed intensive rehabilitation to address difficulties with mobility and her activities of daily living, such as getting dressed. She chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital in Florence, KY, for inpatient rehabilitation. Gateway’s CARF-accredited brain injury specialty program offered Patricia the specialized, quality care she needed to regain her function and independence.

Before the brain injury, Patricia could complete her self-care activities independently. But when she arrived at Gateway, she required assistance with self-care and couldn’t walk at all. After 16 days at the inpatient rehabilitation hospital, Patricia discharged from Gateway, having made significant progress. Patricia could now walk 150 feet with a cane and was completely independent with getting dressed.

Patricia discharged home with her supportive husband. She provided lots of positive feedback on the Gateway staff and would recommend Gateway to “anyone and everyone” to regain their function after an illness or injury.