Paula Lambright

Paula Lambright thought she’d return home the day after routine surgery. But things didn’t go quite as planned. Post-surgical complications left Paula paralyzed from the neck down. She was diagnosed with quadriplegia related to central cervical spinal cord injury.

After several days in the acute care hospital, Paula was ready to begin a rehab program. She admitted to Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for her recovery. When she arrived at Gateway, Paula was in poor spirits.

“When I first got to Gateway I thought it was all over,” Paula said. “I was severely depressed. I could move my head from side to side, but that was about it.”

The staff at Gateway knew exactly what to do.

“My physical therapist, Ray, made me get up every day,” Paula recalled. “Without him and my occupational therapist, Marissa, I don’t think I would have even tried.”

The effort paid off. When it came time for Paula to return home, she could stand and walk with assistance. She has recovered some function in her arms and her trunk control improved significantly.

Paula continues therapy with the outpatient department at Gateway. She’s looking forward to the treatments available to her. Paula will receive e-stim therapy to improve function in her right arm. She’ll also benefit from the warm water therapy pool at Gateway.

“I love Gateway and attribute having any life at all to them,” Paula added.