Rob Steffen

Before issues with his circulatory system, Rob Steffen lived a very active life. Rob was an avid golfer and a real estate agent and enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren.

Rob’s circulatory problems began in his right lower leg, which led to hospitalization. After undergoing bypass surgery, Rob chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for his recovery. With the help of his therapists and doctors, Rob returned home with his wife, his independence restored.

Unfortunately, two months later, Rob experienced more circulatory problems and another hospitalization. This time, the issues were more severe, and Rob required an above-the-knee amputation. Having a great experience at Gateway, Rob again chose the rehab hospital for his recovery.

“The nursing staff and Dr. Mook were caring and helped me enormously to handle this new normal,” Rob stated.

Rob also required some intensive wound care. He worked closely with Jenny, the wound care nurse at Gateway. “She could not have been nicer!” he shared.

During his stay at Gateway, Rob was connected with Durrett’s, who helped fit him for a prosthesis to match his active lifestyle. Upon completing his inpatient rehab stay, Rob discharged home. He credits his loving family, support system, and strong faith in God for helping him through some dark times. Rob drew on his family and grandkids for motivation, seeking to set an example for them.

“Life has twists and turns, and when you get knocked down, you get back up!”

His journey not yet complete, Rob spent the next ten months working with outpatient therapy at Gateway. His focus in outpatient physical therapy was improving his gait and mastering the use of his new high-tech prosthesis. “I worked with a very talented and dedicated PT, Laura Sefton, who became a friend, as well as a healer.”

Now, nearly 18 months after his amputation, Rob has returned to his summer golf league and is excited about his future. He plans on continuing to improve and living his life to the fullest. Rob realizes the way he does things may look different but doesn’t plan on letting that stop him, stating “I do normal things, just in a different way.”