Rondall Brock

Rondall Brock loves spending time outdoors and in nature. One of his favorite pastimes is camping with his family and friends at Lake Cumberland.

On his most recent camping trip over the 4th of July holiday, Rondall tripped and fell, causing a vertebral fracture. Though he tried his best to get by at home, the pain became too severe. Rondall struggled to walk and couldn’t care for himself. Within two weeks, his balance was so poor, and he was so weak, that Rondall experienced another fall. He knew it was time to seek help.

Rondall met with his primary care physician, who referred him directly to Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital. He chose Gateway due to the rehab hospital’s excellent reputation in the community. Rondall admitted to Gateway directly from home to begin his recovery.

Over the next twelve days, Rondall worked hard with Gateway’s physical and occupational therapists. The hospital’s physicians and nurse practitioners monitored him daily and managed his pain, enabling him to complete 15 hours of therapy each week. “I am very appreciative for all the nurses, therapists, and physicians who pushed me to get stronger each day,” he shared. Rondall specifically acknowledged Taylor, his physical therapist. “Taylor got me walking again.”

After completing his inpatient stay, Rondall experienced increased endurance and improved balance and could walk 150 feet with a rolling walker. He discharged home, and will continue working with home health physical therapy to keep him moving in the right direction.

“I recommend Gateway to anyone who needs helps getting back to better,” Rondall said. He looks forward to getting back to the things he enjoys, including mowing the yard and going camping.