Every flu season, millions are diagnosed with influenza. Unfortunately, in some cases, the patient develops pneumonia. For Rusty, that’s exactly how things transpired.

Listed in critical condition in the acute care hospital, Rusty required prolonged hospitalization. He transferred to a long-term acute care hospital to treat his pneumonia. But, after several weeks of hospitalization, Rusty had lost his strength. To regain his function and independence, Rusty chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital.

Rusty came to Gateway for intensive rehabilitation. Very weak, Rusty was unable to walk or care for himself without assistance. He had a very specific goal at Gateway: to return home at his prior level of function.

“I am not a quitter,” Rusty stated with determination. “I was in the Army.”

During his stay at Gateway, Rusty worked hard to achieve his goal. And to no one’s surprise, he did just that. Rusty discharged home with his daughter and can care for himself without assistance. He can walk over 150 feet with only the support of a walker for safety.

“I wouldn’t have made it without the therapists at Gateway,” Rusty reflected. “They were the best! I would recommend anybody that gets hurt or needs help come to Gateway.”