Scott Robbins

Scott Robbins just wanted to be independent again. He used to be able to do everything on his own, but increasing back pain made even everyday tasks challenging. While he could still work, he could no longer travel for his job. Simply walking to the mailbox required the use of an assistive device. Scott opted for back surgery, which he underwent at University Hospital.

Following the procedure, Scott needed post-operative rehabilitation. Upon recommendations from therapists in his community, Scott chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for his recovery.

That proved to be an excellent choice for Scott’s physical and mental well-being.

Scott not only made substantial progress in his physical healing after back surgery but also forged bonds with the staff at Gateway during his stay. “The comradery I saw with the staff and their work ethic was great,” Scott stated.

“They believe in customer service.”

Scott shared an anecdote he felt helped prove this point. “I always tried to thank the staff. On one occasion, my nurse replied to my ‘thank you’ with a ‘no, thank you!’ She expressed how nice it was to feel so appreciated.”

In addition to his nurses, Scott felt a genuine connection with his therapists: Tyler, his physical therapist, and Carly, his occupational therapist. “I am grateful for their hard work to get me stronger and more independent.”

Motivation is essential to a patient’s progress during an inpatient rehabilitation stay. For Scott, he drew on a very personal motivation from someone he loves deeply. “My granddaughter has had medical challenges. If she can do it, then so can I.”

Not wanting to forget the team’s impact at Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital, Scott purchased a shirt and insisted the staff sign it for him to keep as a reminder. Now discharged from Gateway’s inpatient rehabilitation program, Scott continues his recovery through our outpatient therapy department. With each visit, Scott brings his shirt. He can’t wait to resume work, travel, and a “wonderful” quality of life.