Suzanna Toll

“I’m a hard person to keep down.”

There’s no denying that Suzanna Toll is a tough cookie. She’s lived an active, independent life despite having three different back surgeries. Most recently, Susana underwent a lumbar laminectomy. Unfortunately, Suzanna had experienced a fall at home, causing an annular ligament tear in her lumbar spine. The pain caused by the tear was excruciating.

Suzanna spent eight days in the acute care hospital, and though inpatient rehabilitation was recommended, Suzanna attempted to discharge straight home. Unable to walk and experiencing proximal muscle weakness in her lower extremities, Suzanna wasn’t able to care for herself at home. She then admitted to Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for inpatient rehab.

At Gateway, Suzanna used her toughness and determination to work diligently on her recovery. Her progress was so significant that Suzanna could safely return home earlier than initially projected.

Suzanna continues to work on her recovery through Gateway’s outpatient physical therapy department. Her main goal is to return to walking without an assistive device. Suzanna required a walker as an inpatient and has progressed to using a cane. “I’m improving every day,” she noted.

Suzanna’s experience with rehabilitation has been a very positive one. “Everyone is so wonderful at Gateway,” she said. “Everyone always has a smile on their face. I felt like I was at home. I cannot brag on everyone enough!”