Victoria White

For Victoria White, 2022 started just like any other year, working full-time and living her everyday life. Then, one morning, Victoria woke up and couldn’t move her arms and legs. Thankfully, she managed to use the emergency contact function on her phone to call her sister for help.

Transported to the local hospital, Victoria still couldn’t move her arms or legs when she arrived. But by that point, she had also lost the ability to speak. Soon, Victoria learned she had a stroke.

Victoria discharged to Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital five days later to begin her stroke recovery. Upon admission, she couldn’t stand, walk, or even roll over in bed by herself. Her speech was mumbled. Fortunately, Victoria’s insurance allowed her to stay at Gateway to work with physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

By the time Victoria discharged home from the stroke rehab program at Gateway, she had made significant progress. The day she went home, Victoria could walk 230 feet with a walker and resumed having conversations again.

“Gateway has a stellar therapy team,” Victoria said. “Ashley is the best speech therapist in the whole world!”

Victoria believes that a lot of her progress is due to bringing a good attitude each day. “I worked my butt off,” she added. Victoria not only did everything her therapists instructed but did extra exercises when she wasn’t in a therapy session. Victoria also credits Dr. Kenneth Mook for being very involved in patient care and taking the time to make sure she understood her course of therapy.