Viva Davis

Before her fall, Viva Davis was independent and living at home, doing quite well and enjoying being able to spend time with her family. Then one day, she had a fall while trying to make her bed. Viva immediately had pain in her right leg and needed to go to the hospital. X-rays revealed that Viva had fractured her right hip.

The fracture required surgery, so with support from her family, Viva began her recovery at St. Elizabeth. However, she would still need more therapy, so her physician recommended inpatient rehabilitation. Viva and her family decided on Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital. “It just seemed like the right place,” Viva relayed. “We had heard it was a wonderful place.” After receiving approval from her insurance, Viva was on her way to Gateway for the next step of her journey home.

Thanks to the incredible therapy team and hospital staff at Gateway, Viva had a short stay in inpatient rehabilitation of only eleven days! Before returning home, Viva’s family attended family training, which made the transition to her everyday life even easier. When reflecting on her stay, Viva had difficulty picking out a single staff member above the rest. “They all are great!” she noted.

Viva found motivation in her family and the prospect of returning home, desiring to return to the people and places she loves. The first thing she wanted to do upon returning home was to soak up the little things and to “just be able to walk around and be able to greet my family and friends.” Thanks to Gateway, she’s well on her way to doing just that!