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Viva Davis

Before her fall, Viva Davis was independent and living at home, doing quite well and enjoying being able to spend time with her family. Then one day, she had a fall while trying to make her bed. Viva immediately had pain in her right leg and needed to go to the hospital. X-rays revealed that Viva had fractured her right hip.

Jeff Chanley


It seemed like a great day for a ride, so Rickey climbed on his motorcycle and went out to enjoy the day. Riding along a nice country road, he came around a curve and lost control of his motorcycle. The motorcycle went off the road while Rickey landed in a drainage ditch.


“I was pretty much housebound due to the pain.” Over the past five years, Robert’s back pain has only gotten worse. Surgery intended to relieve his pain failed. He continued to seek medical care for the pain and debility of his orthopedic condition.