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Scott Robbins

Scott Robbins just wanted to be independent again. He used to be able to do everything on his own, but increasing back pain made even everyday tasks challenging. Scott opted for back surgery, which he underwent at University Hospital. Following the procedure, Scott needed post-operative rehabilitation and chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for his recovery.

Ritchie Cunningham

One part of Ritchie’s work routine involved driving a boom truck between railroad stations in New York. While working under a bridge overpass, Ritchie was involved in an accident and sustained significant injuries, including multiple fractures and a spinal cord injury. He experienced immediate back pain and loss of function in his extremities.

Suzanna Toll

There’s no denying that Suzanna Toll is a tough cookie. She’s lived an active, independent life despite having three different back surgeries. Most recently, Susana underwent a lumbar laminectomy. Unfortunately, Suzanna had experienced a fall at home, causing an annular ligament tear in her lumbar spine. The pain caused by the tear was excruciating.

Heather Hinton

For the past 22 years, Heather Hinton has been employed at Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital. If you’ve been to our hospital, you may recognize her smiling face greeting you from the front desk.

John Muench

Retired life was good for John Muench and his wife, Mary Jo. They filled their days with camping, hiking, working in the yard, and spending time with their large extended family. Then one day, John noticed increasing abdominal pain and a slight weakness in his legs. The pain became unbearable over the next couple of days, and John struggled even to walk. Mary Jo took John to the ER, where he was diagnosed with a spinal cord infarction.

Terrence Fitzpatrick

Terrence Fitzpatrick was involved in a car accident that left him with severe back pain. After his second major spinal surgery, the Gateway staff helped him return to an independent lifestyle.

Paula Lambright

Paula Lambright thought she’d return home the day after routine surgery. But things didn’t go quite as planned. Post-surgical complications left Paula paralyzed from the neck down. She was diagnosed with quadriplegia related to central cervical spinal cord injury.