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Lanny Burch

Lanny Burch knows a thing or two about the value of Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital’s therapy services. Lanny sustained a stroke a couple of years ago and chose Gateway for his post-stroke rehab. He experienced left-sided weakness in his arm and leg. Following his time at Gateway, Lanny returned home and spent the last two years independent and active in the community.

Belinda Hensley

Belinda Hensley had been sick for a few days when, suddenly, things escalated quickly. Belinda began experiencing the symptoms of a stroke, including facial drooping and left-sided weakness. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors diagnosed Belinda with a stroke on the right side of her brain.

Glenna Chamblin

Glenna Chamblin is one of those individuals who are full of energy and have a zest for living. Always active and independent, Glenna enjoyed driving a bus for her grandchildren’s school and teaching physical education at the YMCA.

Larry Wood

Independence Day has a whole new meaning for Larry Wood. The full-time heavy equipment operator was enjoying a day of recreation on July 4th when an ATV accident completely changed his world. In the accident, Larry sustained a brain injury. An ambulance transported him to IU Bloomington Hospital, where Larry experience complications, including a stroke and an infection.

Victoria White

For Victoria White, 2022 started just like any other year, working full-time and living her everyday life. Then, one morning, Victoria woke up and couldn’t move her arms and legs. Thankfully, she managed to use the emergency contact function on her phone to call her sister for help.

Tracey Yaegel

Tracy Yaegel made great progress at Gateway after suffering an acute stroke. She had little function on the right side of her body and speech issues. She has made a full recovery with her speech and is walking and driving again.

Dennis Ty

Living completely independent, Dennis Ty kept busy working and staying involved in his community. But his life was put on hold after suffering a severe myocardial infarction and stroke. Because of the severity of his illness, he was given just a 12% chance to survive.

Sharon Vaske

Sharon Vaske was taken to the emergency room after her cold-like symptoms worsened. There she was diagnosed with COVID-19 and later suffered a stroke.

Annette Ketron chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for stroke rehab

Annette Ketron

“I know I made the best choice in choosing Gateway,” she stated. “I would not be where I am today without them.”

Frances Elam

One major post-surgery complication was the stroke that Fran suffered. The stroke caused her difficulty with speaking and finding the right words. Being unable to express herself to her husband and caregivers was incredibly difficult for Fran. It left her feeling alone and afraid.